JQ4BFG Seaming machine

JQ4BFG Seaming machine

JQ4BFG is suitable for Round juice Can Seaming, also can be used for Bottom Lid Seaming. It equips the HMI operating screen, and variable frequency control unit, which makes it easy to operate and fast maintenance. In order to improve the vacuity, the steam type injection part can be applied as per customer’s demand.



The main technical parameters:

Material: 95% Stainless Steel, 5% Carbon Steel (the Foundation)

Seaming Head: 4

Production Capacity: 80~250cans/min

Can Height: 70~133mm

Can Diameter: Φ52.3~Φ99mm (202#~401#)

Motor Power: 5.5KW

Size: 1900 x 1560 x 2000mm

Weight: 2.5T

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